How good is your fuel?

The impact of poor quality fuel on equipment.

If you are hiring out generators, pumps or plant, can you be sure of the condition of the fuel going into your equipment? If you are using fuel provided to you on site, can you see that it is contaminated? Poor fuel storage, bad fuel transfer and housekeeping practices, or simple human error, can easily result in water, sand, grit, rust etc in fuel, all of these can harm your engine.

If you cannot be sure of the quality of the fuel going into your tractors, excavators, generators or pumps the engines that power them could be at risk and you could end up with expensive repairs and downtime. By fitting extra levels of protection on your vehicle or equipment you can reduce the risk of costly damage due to contaminated fuel. The MLS Fuel Purifiner (FP) will remove water and solid particulates from even the dirtiest, most contaminated fuel. When fitted in conjunction with a conventional fuel water separator, they will work together to ensure that your engine is protected from harmful water and particles. The FP acts as the 'first line of defence' removing slugs of water and dirt, sludge and grit allowing the filter/separator to filter the fuel unhindered.  

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