Mecklock an anti theft device designed for use on commercial and plant vehicles. It is the most effective theft prevention device available. Give the thief a real challenge.            

Mecklock is the ONLY true mechanical lock on the market. 
Mecklock originates from Italy, developed in 1989 it was initially designed for use with industrial vehicles in order to try and combat the battle against vehicle theft in industry. With Italy having held the highest theft rate in Europe this speaks volumes for the system... Since Mecklock’s introduction 25 years ago it has remained the most effective system on the market, selling over 460,000 units worldwide!
A report from Thatcham – the motor insurance industry’s research establishment – stated our lock resisted all attacks (report number EVH-260). Mecklock gives you peace of mind and real security.
            Our management system is fully audited with Lloyds ISO 9001:2008 approval.


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