MLSTrack Asset

The MLSTrack is a comprehensive equipment and asset telematics solution for the remote management of valuable assets, critical infrastructure and items of risk of theft. There's no installation required and the battery lasts up to 15 years. The unit has an exceptionally strong construction making it suitable for use in all weathers and heavy industry. It also has a range of sensors providing vital management information for reporting and monitoring – whether for Health & Safety, equipment damage or Supply Chain logistics.
 > Low cost solution
Zero installation and maintenance costs, designed to
reduce administrative overheads costs and give you
considerable cost savings and a rapid return on
investment. The MLS Asset is constructed with a
Nylon Polymer outer shell, with purpose built circuitry
potted in epoxy resin creating a 100% solid device
whilst retaining a small size.
 > Ultra-long battery life
With up to 6 years from the smaller T7 and up to 15 years from the larger T9, the MLS Asset offers battery performance never seen before. The tracker can be stocked indefinitely until magnet activation with no battery loss for larger users who need to manage staged rollout. Once installed there is no need for you to go to the unit for charging or maintenance.
> Remote sensors
Enabling the monitoring of theft, damage and Health
& Safety information, such as temperature, equipment
damage, over-turn, light, unauthorised movement from
a location and minute-by-minute asset utilisation reports.
 > Inclusive finder service
Technology within the unit defeats the tools used by professional thieves such as jammers and detectors, with automatic fail-back systems and a homing beacon for location indoors which cannot be achieved with GPS alone. In the unlikely event of theft, you have free access to the UK’s only private tracking investigation team. Our statistics of 90% of equipment recovered,80% within the first 8hrs, underlines this.
  > Utilisation reporting
Monitoring usage of differing asset types enables
informed decision making on equipment location,
asset purchase and disposal.
> GPS locations daily
Highly accurate location and information updates from
your remote assets at pre-determined times. For example, a location report from all assets can be set at 8am and 4pm each day.
 > EU communication subscription
The annual subscription comes with full European roaming, included as standard, and embedded in the service is an API, which enables you to feed the MLS Asset data straight into your existing hire, management and asset systems for trueintegration.
 > Installation
Fit in 5 minutes with purpose cut 3M© adhesive pad or
bolt & bushings (supplied). Shear bolts also available
for non-removable fitting requirements.
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