Our Services

Established in 1980 and Swindon-based, Thamesair has grown to become a leading stockist and distributor of :

  • Pneumatic equipment, valves, cylinders 
  • Hose, rigid tube and tubing (3mm to 200mm)
  • Fittings in Brass, Stainless Steel and Plastic
  • Air Tools
  • Pressure and Vacuum Switches
  • Compression and Push-in Fittings
  • Electronic sensors 
  • Compressors (vane & screw)
  • Quick Release Couplings 
  • Full range of Valves for air, water, steam, oil & gases.

We also offer :
  • Technical Advice
  • Help with Product selection
  • Pneumatic Circuit design service
  • Compressor servicing 
  • On request, details of product specification, catalogues, etc.

 CALL: 01793 695095