What Customers Say About the MLS Purnifiner

 "Holt JCB have been fitting the MLS purifiner over the past five years, during this time we have seen a 95% reduction in replacing injector pumps due to  water / contamination damage on any machines fitted with the MLS purifiners.”

- Andy Davis, Group Parts Manager, Holt JCB
 "The treatment of the fuel and polishing has had a major effect in reducing our downtime by 90%. This has proved a significant cost saving in both labour and hire fees."

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- Simon Taplin, Director, Taplin Pant Hire
"Grayline Coaches have found that fitting the MLS Purifiner has not only given us peace of mind on the quality of diesel our engines use, we have recorded lower exhaust emissions improving our green statistic for the environment."

Alan Gray, Director, Grayline Coaches, Bicester.
"Customer savings in relation to fuel are very significant. When a fuel related breakdown occurs, the fuel tank has to be drained and the fuel disposed of. On bigger machines this can be fuel up to the value of £250 wasted. By fitting the MLS FP we have reduced fuel wastage and have seen several other benefits"

Ray Luxton, Business Development Manager, Holt JCB


80% reduction in field contamination related call outs to machines fitted with the FP.      
 Warranty claims in relation to fuel pumps and injectors have been eliminated.
Significant environmental and disposal cost benefit that the 2-300 litres of waste fuel does not have to be disposed of.